Return Policy

We pride ourselves in delivering quality products in excellent conditions. However, in the event that there's a complaint about products delivered. the return policy suffices. offers replacement of items delivered if at the time of delivery any defect is found. If that is the case, a replacement is made subject to the following terms and conditions:

-         Product doesn't meet standard conditions.

-        There is a difference in Product size/brand.

-         Product has defects.

Gingerbox also makes post-delivery replacement of products. The following products however shall not be eligible for automatic replacement after delivery has been made and our delivery man has left your premises:

·         Products with damages due to misuse of product;

·         Any consumable item which has been used;

·         Any product that is returned without original packaging.

·         Perishable items like frozen foods,vegetable, fruits etc.

The decision to replace items in this category after our dispatch has left your premises will be at the discretion of the customer service team. Be assured that every complaint will be dealt with with utmost seriousness.

To notify us of any product defects, kindly call us on 012957755 or email