How To Make Infused Water


infused water


Drinking water can get very boring. This is why the average individual resorts to soda and other sugary drinks.

However, you can make your water fun by infusing it!

Infusing water is the process of adding either fruits or vegetables to water to make it healthier, less bland and more appealing.

To make infused water, you need:


– A pitcher or jar with a tight cover

– Filtered or bottled water

– Fresh fruits or vegetables of your choice



– Wash your ingredients well with clean water

– Peel the fruits

– Slice them into thin slices or small cubes to enable the flavor infuse faster

– Slip the sliced fruits into the jar of water and screw tight

– Leave to infuse for at least 5 hours

– Place in the fridge for a nourishing drink anytime you need a sip.


Infused water is a win-win. You’re drinking water, and enjoying the nutrients of the infused fruits at the same time.


You should try this. Let us know when you do!


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