Why Many Nigerians Don’t Care About Healthy Eating


Black man no dey die. A popular expression in Nigeria that aptly expresses the never-say-die attitude of the average Nigerian. It’s the reason why someone can comfortably consume 3 bottles of ‘mineral’ and 3 loaves of Agege bread 3 times a day, every day for many weeks at a stretch and not see anything harmful in that. It’s also the reason why balanced dieting is of no importance to many.

In fact, considering what many Nigerians eat, there’s little room for balanced diet. When someone eats bread in the morning, rice in the afternoon, eba in the night and lots of meat pie and doughnuts in between meals, tell me, how won’t that person develop a pot belly or become obese? One-third of Nigeria’s population is in the extra extra extra-large size category. Haba!
There is also the argument that many Nigerians don’t care about healthy eating because of the high level of poverty in many households. They say people are too bothered about surviving, hustling for their next meal, to be concerned about what is or isn’t healthy. There’s also the viewpoint that poor health education has contributed to the adonkia attitude towards healthy eating.
Taking all these points into consideration, one has to ask, will our nation grow if we continue to think like this? Life expectancy in Nigeria is just at 52 years of age. That’s not encouraging. Of the few Nigerians who have opted for healthy eating, which includes eating fruits and vegetables, many are known to purchase from unhygienic environments. Fruit stands by the dusty roadside, vegetable stalls beside gutters are not the way forward. If you must eat healthy, then do it with all your heart. Get fresh, healthy and tasty fruits. That is the way forward.
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