Be Careful With Your Spices!



In one of our previous posts, we wrote about why you should eat more pepper. Read here –

Now we’re about to tell you how essential it is to strike a healthy balance. The average Nigerian likes his/her food spicy. And that’s pardonable. Food devoid of spices is so bland!

However, you should be careful with excessive consumption of spices.

Research has shown that abuse of spices such as black or red pepper has been linked to progressive renal damage and eventually renal fibrosis.

“Renal fibrosis is a kind of disease and a kind of physiological change, which means a gradual progress of renal function deteriorating from health to impairment until renal function is lost.”

So the next time you’re about to tell that Suya guy to put more pepper, or you’re about to unleash a spice overload on your meal, you might just want to have a rethink!

Stay safe!


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