6 Quick Ways To Ensure Food Safety!



Happy World Health Day everyone.

Yesterday, April 7 2015 was WHD and this year’s theme is Food Safety.

If you cook regularly, then you can be relatively certain of the safety of your food. However, if you’re too busy to cook and prefer to eat out frequently, have you stopped to think about the process and method of handling your food must have gone through before getting to you?

Food Safety is actually very important. According to the World Health Organization, “Unsafe food is linked to the deaths of an estimated 2 million people annually – including many children. Food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances is responsible for more than 200 diseases, ranging from diarrhea to cancers.”

Scary? Probably. Thought provoking? Definitely!

However, there are a few quick ways you can increase the safety of your food. Take a look.

1. Avoid exposed food which has been left out in the open or is sold and displayed shabbily

2. Be careful of grilled and re-fried food. Most times when you head to your favorite barbecue spot, the food often has to be re-fried or warmed again to make it hot. This is not advisable and is often very unsafe. Another reason you should be careful of grilled food is that it takes a professional to grill food properly and badly grilled food is unhealthy and likely to be full of germs or blood depending on the kind of food.

3. Plating and presentation counts. You might have noticed or experienced waiters talking over your food as they serve it or inadvertently dip a finger in your glass or plate. You should refuse such food based on hygiene and improper handling, and request for a different plate of food.

4. Sick poultry or animals should be strictly avoided. Some restaurants sell underage chickens and turkeys who might likely be sick or died under suspicious circumstances. Be careful of your food and where you eat.

5. If it looks funny, keep your money. Most people who have suffered from food poisoning will admit that the food looked or tasted weird but they still went ahead to eat it anyway. If your intuition warns you, then stay away.

6. For fruits. Bad fruits will affect you almost as much as bad food.

Just a few quick tips to keep you safe and healthy because we care. But if you have more tips, kindly share!


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